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Radio Communications Engineering Software


Pathanal     V4.2.1    --    $1250

VHF/UHF/MW Path Profile and Link Analysis.

1-Second NED USA elevation data included

Easy to use push button functionality

Reflection Points / Diffraction Loss / Fade Margins / ERP calculations

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GeoCodeLOS     V3.0.4.1   --    $450

LOS / NLOS path profiles are generated from a street address or geographic coordinates.

Import a master list of tower sites, substations, meters, wells, pumps, etc.

Enter a street address, geographic coordinates, or a click on the Google Map to identify a remote location. Path profiles are generated to display LOS / NLOS links between sites on Master list and the Remote site.

CSV / Excel batch processing.

View up to 5 path profiles at a time.

Excellent tool for ISP's to eliminate technician trips when Remote location is NLOS with Master list locations or tower sites.

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LOS 3D     V2.5.0.2    --    $200

Creates KML files to view 3D path profiles in Google Earth.

3-Fresnel zones - left, right, and under LOS line

Building or tower antenna locations

Google Earth 3D terrain and building views

Manual path data entry or Excel spreadsheet batch processing

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PAC LOS     V2.0.2.1    --    $450.00

Predicted Area Coverage - LOS

Generate LOS predicted area coverage contours in minutes not hours

Display multiple coverage areas

Add markers for transmitter and receiver sites

Display antenna sector footprints

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